Building Blocks for Health Equity

For Alameda County residents, there is a 15-year difference in life expectancy depending on their zip code.*

We can’t accept that...
and we can change it."

*based on 2010-2012 mortality rates, Alameda County Public Health's CAPE Unit

The Building Blocks for Health Equity unit transforms the way we define and promote health in Alameda County.  We bring together people with the ideas, connections, and skills to create conditions where all children have a fair chance at a healthy and fulfilling life – no matter where they live, how much money their families have, or their race – by addressing the root causes of health and health inequities.

Building Blocks for Health Equity is a unit within the Family Health Services division, Maternal, Paternal, Child, and Adolescent Health Unit of the Alameda County Public Health Department.


With partners, we have created a bill of rights to reflect how we all must play a role in addressing the interconnected issues that impact the neighborhoods where children are growing up.

We believe that all children in Alameda County have a right to be born healthy, and to…

  1. be believed in
  2. live, play and grow in a clean, safe place
  3. receive a quality education
  4. be loved by a caring adult
  5. eat healthy food
  6. explore nature
  7. enjoy economic opportunity and financial security
  8. access health care that promotes well-being
  9. be free from discrimination and violence
  10. be included & valued by a supportive community
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