Building Blocks Collaborative

building blocksThe Building Blocks Collaborative (BBC) is a partnership of multi-sector community organizations in Alameda County. We are developing a blueprint to improve community conditions in order to support the well-being of our children, starting from the earliest stages of life. Underpinning our work is a theoretical framework called the Life Course Perspective.

The Building Blocks Collaborative convenes partners from health, education, community development, economics, and physical environment. The BBC meets on the 4th Friday of every month at locations around Alameda County and is currently planning demonstration projects to achieve our vision.

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Why We Exist: Statement of Purpose

  • Recognize overt disparities in health, wealth, and education that limit the ability of all Alameda County children to realize their potential.
  • Ensure a sustainable multi-sector commitment to improved overall well-being for communities and the people who live in them, throughout all stages of life, beginning at the earliest

What We Believe: Children’s Bill of Rights

We believe that all children in Alameda County have a right to be born healthy, and to…

  1. be believed in
  2. live, play and grow in a clean, safe place
  3. receive a quality education
  4. be loved by a caring adult
  5. eat healthy food
  6. explore nature
  7. enjoy economic opportunity and financial security
  8. access health care that promotes well-being
  9. be free from discrimination and violence
  10. be included & valued by a supportive community

Guiding Principles

  • Residents feedback will be sought for the planning and sustaining of their own well-being in the community.
  • A commitment to building public/private collaborations.
  • Each part of the development will be flexible and adaptable.
  • All plans of action will be evidence-based and accountable.
  • Each stage of life will be given equal opportunity for complete well-being.
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