Urban Male Health Initiative

urban-male1The Alameda County Urban Male Health Initiative, in the office of Urban Male Health, is charged with reducing the premature mortality of men and boys in Alameda County by focusing on the following goals:

  • developing strategies, policy recommendations and programs designed to increase healthcare access and advance a continuum of care for underserved men and boys
  • improving health outcomes for men disproportionately impacted by prostate and testicular cancers, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attacks, depression, suicide, and diabetes
  • studying local health concerns unique to or prevalent among men, and making appropriate recommendations

Urban Male Health Initiative Overview

Men's Resource Guide

His Health: Alameda County Male Health Status Report 2010



June is Men’s Health Month

As we prepare to celebrate Father’s Day and recognize the important men in our lives, we spotlight the unique health concerns that men face in Alameda County, such as prostate and testicular cancer.  Office of Urban Male Health and Family Services Division/Fatherhood Initiative will continue to work effectively with community and faith-based organizations to strengthen family and build community resilience.


National Men’s Health Initiative: Wear Blue Day

Friday, June 15, 2018 has been officially named Wear Blue Day.  It’s part of a year-round campaign created by Men’s Health Network to raise awareness about the importance of male health and to encourage men to live longer and healthier lives.

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