West Oakland Health and Safety Collaborative

west oakland health and safety collaborativeThe WOHSC seeks to improve the health and safety of Hoover Historic Corridor residents. Since 2000, (when it began as the Hoover School Collaborative (HSC)) it has functioned primarily on in-kind contributions from participating organizations along with hundreds of volunteer hours from Hoover residents. In the earliest years of the HSC, many of the activities were centralized on the Hoover Elementary campus.  Click here for a detailed history of the HSC.

The HSC has been reinvigorated and the work has continued to be a phenomenal success for the West Oakland community.  Reflected this wider focus, the HSC renamed itself the West Oakland Health and Safety Collaborative (WOHSC) in 2008.

The committee is currently comprised of two unaffiliated residents along with representatives from Hoover Elementary, People’s Grocery, the YMCA, Attitudinal Health Connection, One Love, City of Oakland – Neighborhood Services, Healthy Communities, Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, the Interagency Children’s Policy Council, Public Heath Nursing (Community Health Teams and Diabetes programs), ACPHD Nutrition Services, and Emergency Services. Many HSC organizational representatives also live in or near the Hoover Corridor.

How Does the WOHSC Work?

The WOHSC methodology is to use the inherent, existing power in the community as an anchor for Collaborative activities.  Currently, the WOHSC is implementing a grant from the Convergence Partnership

to ignite and sustain a positive transformation of the Hoover Historic District. The WOHSC seeks to uproot resignation and seed possibility through campaign actions that integrate marketing, Participatory Action Research (PAR) and resident engagement. The goal is to build stronger individuals, organizations and coalitions that understand and can address the empirical link between violence and chronic disease, while offering healthy eating and active living solutions that prevent violence and the onset of disease. WOHSC will launch and sustain environmental changes to establish a Safe Route to School; transform a local park into a safer, usable space; and advocate for Alameda County (AC) Transit stops on San Pablo Avenue.

What Difference has the WOHSC made?

More recent accomplishments of the WOHSC include:

  • A coordinated community response to a homicide near Hoover Elementary School;
  • A school wide 5-day health fair where 300+ student comprehensive (dental, vision, hearing, BMI, nutrition, Asthma) services;
  • The emergence of a community clinic housed at the YMCA Urban Services;
  • A joint grant proposal aimed at the promotion of racial healing;
  • Securing two additional grants to resource services for Hoover Elementary students and their families
  • Several safe community events including a Juneteenth Celebration and family barbeques.

The WOHSC is currently working on an evaluation strategy to determine how their efforts are affecting residents.

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