Sobrante Park Time Banking

What is Sobrante Park Time Banking?

In 2005, the CCNI teamed up with Community Reformed Church and the Sobrante Park Resident Action Council to create Sobrante Park Time Banking (SPTB). The purpose of SPTB to help neighbors get to know each other, build trust and strengthen the neighborhood.

Housed at Community Reformed Church, the SPTB is sponsored by the Alameda County Public Health Deppartment with support from the City of Oakland. The Sobrante Park Time Bank currently has 174 active members.

The SPTB is affiliated with a national group, Time Banks USA.

How Does Sobrante Park Time Banking Work?

The SPTB joins people so that they can help each other and exchange services. Any person or group who lives, works or worships in Sobrante Park can join. Members earn and spend time dollars by helping neighbors with tasks like yard work or child care, or by giving support to local groups with projects and programs that help the neighborhood.

sobrante park time banking staffHow does Sobrante Park Time Banking Make A Difference?

sobrante park time banking logoGetting involved in the SPTB has many rewards. As the SPTB brochure explains, “Time Banking teaches us that we all have something to share and we all need support.”  By working in the SPTB, members “become part of a ‘family’ of fun, caring people right in their own neighborhood.”  Just as it builds local relationships, SPTB is forming a nationally-known model of Time Banking as a bridge between cultures and age groups. The SPTB has members of diverse ethnicities, languages and ages who all make the neighborhood active and vibrant.

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