Resident Training

Leadership workshops

The CCNI has trained more than 100 residents in a series of leadership workshops covering community assets, root causes of health inequities, regional history, undoing racism, and community organizing. The CCNI plans to expand leadership training to more residents, covering additional topics.

Oakland Youth Movement

West Oakland and Sobrante Park youth have been trained in advocacy, data analysis, community organizing, and event planning.

Additional Trainings

Time Banking, media advocacy, and community organizing.

CORE Training

28 residents have been trained in disaster preparedness by the City’s Communities of Oakland Responding to disasters.

CARD Training

In the Spring of 2007, 42 West Oakland residents underwent Disaster Preparedness Training with CARD (Community Agencies Responding to Disaster) and received emergency preparedness back packs for their homes.

Civic Engagement Trainings

The West Oakland Resident Action Council held 3 Civic Engagement Workshops, attended by 37 residents in the early months of its creation. The participants learned the structure of Local, Regional and State government, effective advocacy when communicating with Local Government; Accessing the Media for Social Action; and Organizing Community Events.

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