Population Health Services

The initial CCNI model included public health nurses because of their ability to provide vital medical, health education and community building services to residents.  On the ground, it was evident that PHN staff are key to building and maintaining ACPHD staff credibility on the ground. Moreover, the PHN forged trusting relationships with residents, which enables other CCNI staff in their effort to partner with community residents on capacity building efforts.

Recent Accomplishments in Population Health Services

Ongoing Health Education and Links to Service

Through the Resident Action Councils, Time Bank, Mini-grant Committee, and Health & Safety Collaborative (each hold monthly meetings with 10 – 50 residents) the PHN has delivered countless hours of Health Education, screenings, and a link to services for those in need.

hoover health fairHoover Elementary School Health Fair—May 2009

The majority of the student population (340+) received dental screenings, dental education, BMI calculated to screen for overweight or risk of overweight (5th grade), asthma education & updated asthma action plans , vision & hearing screenings

sobrante park health fairSobrante Park Time Banking Health Fairs, annually since 2008

  • SPTB held its First Annual Sobrante Park Time Banking Health Fair with 37 programs and vendors, food and entertainment.  More than 300 community members attend.
  • SPTB planned and hosted its Second Annual Sobrante Park Time banking Health Fair.  Members lead the event, and fund nearly all of it through donations they have procured.  27 groups or programs help out, and more than 300 people attended.
  • SPTB planned and hosted its Third Annual Time Banking Health Fair.  An estimated 500 people attend, receiving free health services, health promotion and information about community activities.

Madison Middle School Immunization and Health Clinic – August 2007

87 residents were immunized; 69 had dental screenings; 49 received nutrition information, and 53 completed applications for health insurance.

Contact Information

Shalonda Jones, PHN, RN II
Alameda County Public Health
Phone: (510) 577-7084
Fax: (510) 577-7078
Email: shalonda.jones@acgov.org

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