Project New Start: A Lifestyle Change Program for Youth

pns1Project New Start is a comprehensive program for youth who are at risk for gang activity and instead want to make positive changes in their lives and have their tattoos removed. The project coordinates tattoo removal with mentoring and other social support services. Successful participants make a commitment to a vocational and/or educational plan with sponsors at a local youth agency.

In addition, participants perform at least 50 hours of community volunteer work of interest to them. Project New Start staff and the sponsors work closely with each participant to support them in reaching their personal goals.

How are tattoos removed?

Tattoos are removed through a laser process that breaks up the pigment and causes it to fade over the course of multiple treatments. This process takes from four to ten sessions depending on the size, quality and color of the tattoo. Treatment sessions are conducted every other month for those participants who keep up their commitments.

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