Fast Response School of Health Care


Target Group: Adult, 18+

Objectives: Fast Response is in the private post secondary schools sector. The main goal of Fast Response is to provide quality training for individuals for entry level health care careers. Train individuals above regulation mandated standards to allow students to be more competitive for health care jobs.  Fast Response functions to make the process of entering a career more attainable. A high percentage of Fast Response students have never embarked on college, thus this is their first try at college and getting a career they can build upon, as a result Fast Response offers programs that are short in duration, tuition is low and job placement is relatively high.

Programs & Services:

  • EMT
  • Phlebotomist
  • Medical Assistant
  • Sterile Processing Technician

Duration: 5 weeks to 5 months (depends on course)

Stipend: None.

Contact: Tom Peck, CEO


ph: 510-809-3647
fax: 510-705-5237


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