Alliance for Boys and Men of Color - Health Workforce Workgroup

ACHPP joined the BMoC Health Workforce Workgroup in June 2014. This group meets on the 2nd Friday of each month to go over legislative updates, upcoming events/research, and next steps.



Expand California’s primary care and allied health workforce to provide access to quality, affordable healthcare, and better health outcomes for all Californians.



• Identify current and future healthcare workforce training and development barriers and opportunities

• Disseminate information on cross-sector resources and challenges within the healthcare workforce system

• Support and foster innovative partnerships to address workforce needs across the healthcare system

• Link BMOC Health Workforce members with resources and tools to pursue solutions to workforce needs within the context of their healthcare community


Focus Areas

• Preparation of the healthcare workforce to meet the needs of both current and future health system demands

• Support innovative funding mechanisms for healthcare-related education and training

• Provide a forum for employers (hospitals, primary care clinics, long term care, etc.), education, workforce, and economic development partners to discuss solutions regarding the transformation of the healthcare system and its impact on training and workforce development


The Role of BMOC Health Workforce Members

• Identify current and future healthcare workforce training and development barriers and opportunities

• Utilize the tools and resources provided by the HWDC to pursue workforce initiatives that match the regional needs of each members’ respective organization and the communities at large

• Provide input and feedback on community and organizational needs to help guide the work of the BMOC Health Workforce

• Act as subject matter experts in conversations with policy makers at the local and state level


ACHPP contributes by sharing the work the organization does to provide work based learning opportunities for BMoC. Currently, ACHPP is working with Oakland Unified School District, Alameda County Health Services Agency, philanthropy, and foundations to identify placement for work based learning opportunities and pathways.

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