Our program hosts and participates in many different exercises each year.

2017 Statewide Medical Exercise

This year’s Statewide Medical and Health Exercise is designed to build upon our medical and public health community based capability and capacity for a disaster-related healthcare response. The scenario for the 2017 Statewide Medical and Health Exercise is a Mass Casualty Incident scenario. For more information on this year’s exercise, please visit:  http://www.californiamedicalhealthexercise.com/index.html

Functional Exercise

The Public Health Department Operations Center will be partially activated during October to test its communication capabilities and information sharing with both internal and external partners.

Various activities will be conducted in the weeks culminating in the November 16th Medical Surge Exercise.

All exercise instructions and forms will be available on this page at a later date. Registered participants will receive additional information regarding exercise participation. Please use this opportunity to test capability and expand capacity in your agency.

September 26, 2017 Tabletop Exercise: Flyer »

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