Emergency Preparedness and Response Planning Resources

ResourceBe Informed and Prepared!

To contribute to our safety and well-being we all can take small steps to prepare and plan for an emergency or disaster. Emergency preparedness on an individual basis, as well as among family, friends, neighbors, and at our workplace can help our community recover. Knowing what to do and practicing ahead of time is key to preparing and being effective in the event of an emergency or disaster. A few resources are provided below to provide you some ways to take action...now!


Here are links to emergency preparedness and planning information and trainings (some on-site) to assist organizations in preparing and planning for emergencies. Opportunities to practice emergency preparedness and planning skills are also available.  Resource list

We Want to Reward You for Your Learning and Training

We’ve included a list of Trainings included in our Community-Based Organization Network.  Earn ‘badges’ and/or rewards for completion of each level.  For details, click here.

Your Learning and Training Wish List

We welcome your input for future possible trainings. If you’d like to share preparedness and response trainings your organization or yourself are interested in (like a training ‘wish list’) or even trainings you’ve attended in the past you thought were beneficial.  Click here

Projected Resource Needs

Tell us what you project your organization may need in terms of resources in the event of a declared emergency or disaster.  Click here

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