Community-Based Organization (CBO) Preparedness & Response Network of Alameda County

CBO Preparedness NetworkOur Network connects organizations in Alameda County and their employees, volunteers, and individuals they provide services for with emergency preparedness and planning resources, free or low-cost training opportunities and emergency notifications.

We will support your organization by:

  • Offering free, special organizational planning and resources to help your organization return to operating after an emergency or disaster (even in a limited capacity), including strengthening of emergency plans and providing sample plans, tools, and resources.
  • Providing more communication, status updates (including voluntary inclusion in emergency notification systems), and information/resources through government processes during and after an emergency or disaster.
  • Highlighting community-based organization’s involvement if our county Emergency Operations Center is activated, including the organization structure, process, and information flow.
  • Build on existing connections and access to sharing information, supporting collaboration which aids our community in recovery and resiliency.
  • Improve coordination within the county in emergency planning, response, and recovery.
  • Earn 'badges' and rewards for attaining certain levels of preparation, training, and planning for the organization and representative who is participating in our Network.

We invite any community-based organization in Alameda County to participate; it is open and voluntary. We welcome new organizations, particularly from sectors serving people that are very dependent on healthcare system such as seniors, individuals with functional and access needs, those who are homebound, have assistance meeting daily needs, etc.

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