The Role of the Prescribing Physician

Prescribing Physician has a positive role in the placement and use of an AED in Alameda County. The following program points outline this role
1. Understand the Legal Requirements
A prescribing physician means a physician and surgeon, licensed in California, who issues a written order for the use of an AED. The prescribing physician may affiliate with a training program or may work directly with an agency, business, organization or individual who purchases an AED.
A PAD program must meet the requirements of the California Code of Regulations, Title 22, Section 1797.196 of the Health and Safety Code Section 3 & 4, and Section 1714.21 of the Civil Code Section 2, and local policies. The prescribing physician retains the responsibility to assure that the PAD program meets these requirements. Registration packets are available online or by mail.
2. Develop Medical Oversight
The prescribing physician is involved with the agency, business, organization or individual in developing an Internal Emergency Response System. An Internal Emergency Response System is a plan of action which utilizes responders within a facility to activate the "9-1-1" emergency system, and which provides for the access, coordination, and management of immediate medical care to seriously ill or injured individuals.Ensures compliance with regulations and requirements for training, notification, and maintenance,
Assures a mechanism for the continued competency of the authorized individuals in the AED Service Provider's employ to include periodic training and skills proficiency demonstrations.
3. Complete PAD Program Forms
4. Ensure that AED usage is reported to the EMS Agency
When an AED is used, the paramedics will complete the Utstein form to record relevant data tracked by Alameda County. This information is passed along to the state for tracking cardiac arrest outcomes between EMS systems.
If a cardiac arrest happens at your AED site, please work with the EMS responders to provide the necessary information.
5. Understand Title 22 AED Regulations (February 12, 2003)
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