Establishing a Program

Components of a PAD Program
  • A company deciding to implement AEDs into their health and safety program
  • A prescribing physician that oversees the program
  • A training organization that trains
  • Employees of the company in the use of an AED and CPR
  • Integration of the program into the local EMS system
  • A plan of ongoing training and AED checks
Projected Annual Costs - An estimate of projected annual program costs can include the following:
  • Devices (about $2500.00 per unit; divide initial cost by the rojected life, usually five years)
  • Peripheral equipment costs (about $75 per device)
  • Maintenance (about $100 per device)
  • Insurance (variable)
  • Training costs (variable: includes personnel and equipment)
  • Program management costs (variable)
  • Event documentation costs (variable)
  • Quality assurance tools (variable)
  • Community-wide CPR training (variable)
There are organizations and companies that assist determining an appropriate AED model for your business and in setting up all or some of the above elements of a PAD program for free or for a fee.
How You Can Help - If you would like more information on how to establish an AED program for your business or agency or if you would like to help make the County of Alameda a safer community contact Cynthia Frankel (PAD Program Coordinator) at (510) 618-2031.
Download the fillable Notice of New AED Program form, complete it and send it to EMS.
  • Site information given to Alameda County EMS
  • EMS passes information to local Fire Department
  • Fire adds the information to the 9-1-1 / Emergency Medical Dispatch database
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