Injury Prevention Programs


2014 Fall Prevention Awareness Week (2:37 video):

The goal of Alameda County’s Injury Prevention Program is to reduce the number of unintentional injuries experienced by residents.  Unintentional injuries are considered accidents.  We think of accidents happening as a result of chance or bad luck.  In fact, most unintentional injuries are predictable and preventable.

Unintentional injuries or accidents are a major cause of premature deaths and lifelong disability.  Common causes of unintentional injuries include motor vehicle crashes, falls, burns, poisonings and drowning.

Injury Prevention Program strives to prevent unintentional injuries or accidents through:

  • community education/training
  • networking
  • advocacy/promotion of legislative and policy reform

The Injury Prevention Program primarily targets children (0 to 14 years), older adults (60 plus), and organizations that provide services to these populations.

Safe Kids Worldwide: Fact Sheet

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