EMT Recertification

EMT RECERTIFICATION- EMT certification is good for two years. In order to maintain certification an individual must recertify every two years. Out-of-state applicants read the Out-of-State Applicants section. An individual shall be eligible for EMT recertification upon successful completion of the following requirements:

  1. Possess a current California EMT certificate or National Registry EMT certificate
  2. Complete an Alameda County EMT Recertification Application.
  3. Submit documentation of successful completion, every two years, of a skills competency verification form. This can be done by:

      National accreditation list by CECBEMS.

  4. • Skills testing at the completion of a 24-hour refresher class, or

    • Skills testing at an EMT Training Program.

    • Skills testing by an employer approved trainer.

  5. 2.6 If this is the first time you have applied for certification in Alameda County you must submit a copy of your California Department of Justice and FBI Live Scan background report. See Background Check policy for more information. This will cost approximately $76.00 total for both reports.
  6. Live Scan Application (print 2 copies, one for the live scan agency and one to send to the EMS Agency with your application).

    Background Check Information Packet (how to complete the form and where to get a Live Scan).

    Location of Live Scan Agencies (where to get your fingerprints done) - this link takes you to the DOJ website and shows all locations statewide.

  7. Pay the non-refundable application fee of $102.00 by money order, cashier's check or online payment. The application fee includes $45.00 for Alameda County EMS and $37.00 for the state’s Emergency Medical Services Authority.
  8. A new EMT certificate will be issued upon successful completion of these steps. An individual may apply for recertification:
  9. • Within six months before the current certificate expires. The new expiration date will be two years from the current expiration date.

    • More than six months before the current certificate expires. The new expiration date will be two years from the last day of the month the requirements are met.

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