EMTs & Paramedics

ALCO_EMS_UrbanShieldEmergency services (911) are primarily comprised of three different types of responders. They are Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS).  The response provided by EMS is typically comprised of EMTs and Paramedics. EMTs provide basic life support in emergent (911) and non-emergent situations such as inter-facility transfers. Paramedics provide advance life support in emergent (911) situations often working as a team with Law Enforcement and Fire Departments.

Becoming an EMT is a three-step process. First you must pass an EMT course and then pass the National Registry of EMTs (NREMT) computer-based exam.  Lastly, you apply for California EMT certification through the local EMS Agency such as Alameda County EMS.

Paramedics must be licensed by the State Emergency Medical Services Authority and then accredited by the local EMS Agency (e.g. Alameda County EMS).


  • California Adult Protective Service Reporting:

In 2012 California SB 718 granted to Mandated Reporters the option to report instances of suspected Elder and Dependent Adult abuse or neglect to California Adult Protective Service (APS) agencies via a secure online form, in lieu of telephoned and faxed reports.  The online form is available at https://reporttoaps.org/reporttoaps/reportThis site is for use by Mandated Reporters only, and only where the victim resides in one of the counties listed in the form. If your county is not listed, please contact your local APS agency by telephone.

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