Planning Resources and Research

Alameda County Emergency Plan (refer to CAHAN documents):

  • Disaster Medical Operations Plan (DMOP)
  • Medical Surge Plan
  • Alternate Care Site Plan
  • Field Treatment Plan
  • Medical Shelter Plan

California Disaster Resource Guidelines (EOM & Medical Shelter):

Medical Surge & Government Alternate Care Sites - Operational Tools Manual:

Disaster Response Incident Guides (Earthquake):


Surge Planning Resources:

  • ACF / FTS / Surge Plan
  • CA Volume II: Government Authorized Alternate Care ACS Site Operations - California Department of Public Health (CDPH) 2007
  • Alternate Care Site Selection Tool - AHRQ
  • Alternate Care Site Patient Tool - AHRQ

Continuity Planning Resources:

  • Section under construction.


  • Hospital Incident Command System


  • Section under construction.
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