The California Emergency Medical Services Authority has updated the Emergency School Guidelines. Please scroll down to School Emergency Preparediness section to see the guidelines.

The goal of Alameda County's EMS-C program is:

  • To reduce pediatric morbidity & mortality from injury & illness
  • To develop, implement, & integrate State/National EMS-C activities into entire spectrum of care for children & youth (under 21 years).
  • To include prevention & detection of illness or injury, community preparedness, EMS, critical care, & rehabilitation.
  • To improve neonatal/pediatric medical surge capability and capacity through Alameda County.

The goal of Alameda EMSC County’s Injury Prevention Program is to reduce the number of unintentional injuries experienced by residents. Unintentional injuries are considered accidents. We think of accidents happening as a result of chance or bad luck. In fact, most unintentional injuries are predictable and preventable.

A  new webpage containing many sources of info on medical issues regarding children and disasters from the Disaster Information Management Research Center: http://disasterinfo.nlm.nih.gov/dimrc/children.html


2017 Emergency Department Pediatric Readiness/Site Visit Education Project:

Pre-Site Visit Planning Documents:


Pediatric Disaster Coalition Preparedness Website/Toolkits:


Behavior/Mental Health:


School Emergency Preparediness:

  • Emergency School Guidelines Booklet | Training Powerpoint (to be revised). Please note this information has not been updated to include the new AHA guidelines for CPR.


"At-Risk"/Vulnerable Children:

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