Community Services Programs

  • The EMS Agency provides overall support to people and business in Alameda County that are interested in getting or registering an AED.  State law requires AEDs are registered with the local EMS Agency.  Our goal is to increase awareness and the number of AEDs.
  • With assistance from School Health Services, EMS has embarked on a program called CPR-7, (formerly “CPR Anytime”).  The CPR pilot was established in 2007, focusing on training 7th and 11th grade classes from various schools.  A total of 317 students were trained, they then trained 1,357 family, friends and neighbors.  If all Alameda County’s approximately 14,000 7th graders each train six friends and family members, there will be an additional 75,000 community members trained in CPR every year!
  • EMS Corps is a highly selective rigorous academy that prepares community youth for careers in Emergency Medical Services.  Their goal is to increase the number of underrepresented emergency medical health care professionals through youth development, mentorship, job training and sponsorship.
  • Health Pipeline Partnership (“HPP”) is a collaborative led by the Alameda County Public Health Department that encompasses 17 programs serving over 1,000 youth.  The mission is to create a “seamless” health career pathway by enhancing collaboration and communication among health pipeline partners in Alameda County, to increase the number of underrepresented persons who enter health careers.
  • Injury Prevention Program addresses issues specific to at-risk populations, and aims to reduce the number of intentional and unintentional injuries to all age groups in Alameda County.  Injury  prevention addresses major injury areas, including:  pedestrian safety, water safety, poison prevention, bike & helmet safety, drowning prevention, child passenger safety, senior falls prevention, motor vehicle safety and fire/burn prevention.  Alameda County Safe Kids, is one of 600 coalitions/chapters in the United States.  In keeping with the national organization’s mission Alameda Safe Kids strives to prevent unintentional childhood injuries, the leading cause of death and disability to children ages one through fourteen.
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