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Alameda County Emergency Medical Services (ALCO EMS) is a District, within the Health Care Services Agency. We are recognized by the California Emergency Medical Services Authority as a "Local EMS Agency," or LEMSA. LEMSA's throughout the state are responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating local EMS systems. Many of our responsibilities, and the authority needed to carry our oversight role, are derived from Division 2.5 of the California Health and Safety Code, and related chapters of Title 22 of the California Code of Regulations.

Many different constituent groups make up the EMS System, including dispatch centers, fire departments, hospitals, private ambulance providers, and specialty centers for the emergency care of victims of major trauma, stroke, and certain types of heart attacks. Alameda County EMS District facilitates the coordination of the 911 medical response through its contracts with EMS provider organizations, as well as through the development of policies and procedures for prehospital care.

We work closely with our EMS system providers as we seek to continually improve our EMS system by basing policy and program changes on the analysis of the data they provide us, as well on the findings of recent research studies.

EMS contributes to promoting health equity through our Injury Prevention, Camp Sweeney and EMS Corps programs which help prepare young people in underserved communities, for careers in health care.

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Alameda County EMS District:

VISION Alameda County EMS District will explore new frontiers while creating an environment where collaboration and consensus building thrive among staff and stakeholders.

Alameda County EMS District ensures the provision of quality emergency medical services and prevention programs to improve health and safety in Alameda County.

VALUES Alameda County EMS District values a caring environment sustained by empowerment, honesty, integrity and mutual respect. We embrace excellence through innovation, teamwork and community capacity building.

Alameda County EMS District - System Report 2012

History of Alameda County EMS District:

1973 - 2007 | 1973-1994 by Ben Mathews | The Star of Life

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