Emergency Medical Services District

Alameda County Emergency Medical Services (ALCO EMS) is a District, of the Healthcare Services Agency. The primary purpose of Alameda County EMS District is to provide oversight and administration of medical 911 responses throughout the county. We ensure the quality of the 911 response through policy development, contract monitoring, research, education and community programs.
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Emergency Ambulance Service Request For Proposal-RFP #EMS-901017
2016 Alameda County EMS System Plan Update
2016 Alameda County EMS System Trauma Plan Update
2017 Alameda County EMS System Quality Improvement Plan
2017 ED Pediatric Site Visit Participation form.  Refer to the EMSC webpage for Pediatric Readiness resources.
18th Annual California Senior Injury Prevention Educational Forum
Alameda County EMS is excited and proud to be a co-sponsor and the hosting location for the Take Heart America: State of Resuscitation Conference, held September 28-29, 2018 in Oakland, CA. For more information check out the flyer
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Current Ambulance Patient Offload Time (APOT) Monthly Report.
Archived Ambulance Patient Offload Time (APOT) Reports.
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As always, thank you for the copious input of ideas for improving patient care in Alameda County.   Here are the policy update references.
  • We are starting the 2019 Policy update process and are looking for your ideas. Send an email to either Lee Siegel / Krieg Harmon with your idea(s) by no later than April 20, 2018
  • Get your ALCO EMS 2018 Mobile Field Manual App.  iOS version | Android version.
  • 2018 EMS Field Manual now available. PDF format | Copies of the EMS Field Manual can be purchased at ALCO EMS Office's for $15.00.
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