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Pathways to Emergency Medical Careers

The Alameda County Emergency Medical Services (ALCO EMS) is a division of Healthcare Services Agency. The primary purpose of Alameda County EMS is to provide oversight and administration of medical 911 responses throughout the county. Parts of their responsibilities are education and community programs. There was a growing concern with seeing a disproportioned representation of underrepresented minorities in the pool of EMT’s and Firefighters serving their communities. After uncovering approaches in finding pathways to Emergency Medical Careers, there was a conscience effort to provide training for young minority adults. This training allows them to serve their communities and become competent contributors and members of the ever changing and growing pool of first responders.

In July of 2011, the first graduating class of the EMS Corps became interns and EMT professionals. Since then, the EMS Corps training program have seen over 90% of their cohorts go on to further their education, become interns, or find careers within the Emergency Medical field. They recognize the dedication, skills, and value of their profession and take on like a badge of honor “Courage, Character, and Commitment”.

The EMS Corps provides summer and spring training programs and stipends for those cohorts to encourage and support them financially. If you are interested in taking up their moto of “From The Community…Ready To Serve”, please contact the EMS Corps Career and Job Placement Coordinator at (510) 667-7413(510) 667-7413 and begin training for a career to become an Emergency Medical professional that brings support to your community.

Mission: To increase the number of underrepresented emergency medical technicians through youth development, mentorship, and job training.

Vision: EMS Corps will be a national model that provides an opportunity for young adults to become competent and successful health care providers.

Values: Recognizing the dedication, skill, and value of all members, we will create and maintain an environment of individual safety, well-being, and trust. We are committed to the highest levels of, Compassion, Integrity, Safety, Honesty, Accountability, Professionalism, and Respects.

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