Emergency Medical Services

Alameda County Emergency Medical Services (ALCO EMS) is a division of Healthcare Services Agency. The primary purpose of Alameda County EMS is to provide oversight and administration of medical 911 responses throughout the county. We ensure the quality of the 911 response through policy development, contract monitoring, research, education and community programs.


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EMS News and Events

    EMS Corps now accepting applications for Fall 2016 cohort.

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ALCO EMS Reports

    The Alameda County EMS Agency is a patient centered Local Emergency Medical Services Agency. With this patient centered perspective, Alameda County EMS understands that the practice of medicine is dynamic. Input from field providers and the public we serve is essential in developing and improving the 2015 Quality Improvement Program Plan.

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EMTs and Paramedics

  • We are accepting 2018 Field Protocol Update Ideas. Written submitted ideas are due at 1600, April 28. Additionally, please provide best evidence in supporting your protocol update idea. While anecdotal evidence has some value, submission of best supporting scientific evidence (data, research, studies etc…..) provides significant value in advancing ideas into protocol.  Protocol Update Request form.
  • 911 System Redesign RFP
  • EMS Week 2016 - Called To Care.  Thank you for your service.
  • 2017 EMS Field Manual now available. Visit webpage | PDF format | Order online ($11.50 plus shipping and tax)
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