Developmental Disabilities Planning and Advisory Council

Developmental DisabilitiesThe Mission of the Developmental Disabilities Planning and Advisory Council is to advocate for the right of people with developmental disabilities to be assisted in the fullest development of their mental, physical and spiritual potentials, and the right to community living in the least restrictive environment.

Program Components

The Developmental Disabilities Council provides educational presentations, informational and referral services, and advocacy for policy and resource development in the areas of health, employment, housing, mental health, education, social services and transportation.


General Membership on the Council is open to all individuals interested in the issues of the developmental disabilities community and live or work in Alameda County.

The Board of Directors consists of up to 30 elected individuals who carry out the mission and activities of the Developmental Disabilities Council.

The Coordinator serves as staff to both the Developmental Disabilities Council and the Board of Directors.


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