Social Support for Families

Pregnant FamilyFamilyPaths (formerly Parental Stress Service)


Services include a 24-hour Family Support & Resource Hotline, a 24-hour Foster Parent Advice Line, Emergency Respite Child Care, CalWORKs Case Management, Positive Parenting Classes, and counseling for children, adolescents, adults and families.

Home Visiting Programs

Improving Pregnancy Outcomes (IPOP)

This program aims to reduce infant mortality in the African American community.  The program targets low-income, medically and socially at-risk pregnant and parenting African American women, fathers, infants and other stakeholders for more positive birth outcomes.

Black Infant Health

This program provides a range of support services to improve birth outcomes for African American families.  Black Infant Health can be reached at (510) 618-1967.

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