For Teachers

The efforts of all of our Alameda County teachers who participate in CPR 7 is greatly appreciated. You and your students are making a difference in the County’s effort to increase the bystander CPR rate.

Please fill out the CPR 7 order form and make sure you subtract any unused kits from last year from the current year order.

Please send home the surveys and collect them from your students. Once they are turned in, mail back to Alameda County EMS as soon as they are complete with the names of ALL teachers who trained 7th graders. You will receive a token of our appreciation (gift card) in the mail after the surveys are returned to us .

Please instruct the students to not train each other. The idea is to get new 6 friends and family members to train.

Feel free to print the CPR cards for your students. The link is provided here.

Remind last years students and their families to refresh their hands only CPR skills. Feel free to use the sample message home. The link is here

The friends and family surveys will be sent to you in the mail and will not be delivered with your kits.


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