CHDP Exams

CHDP provides health check-ups for infants, children, and teens.  These exams are covered on a set schedule. Children and youth can also get exams for school entry, sports/camp physicals, and when changing foster placement.

These health check-ups include:

  • A growth and development check
  • All needed shots and lab tests
  • Dental screening and referrals when an oral exam with the dentist is needed
  • Vision screening
  • Hearing screening
  • Mental health
  • Health education information

If medical problems are found during the visit, children and youth will be referred for additional medical services.

Steps to Getting a FREE CHDP Exam

Step 1:

Go to any CHDP provider office to apply.  You can view the list of offices or call us at 510-618-2070.

Step 2:

Fill out 1-page CHDP form. If eligible, the child or youth will receive temporary Medi-Cal health insurance through CHDP Gateway. This insurance will pay for doctor visits and other services.

To keep Medi-Cal, an application for full-scope Medi-Cal will need to be filled out and turned in.

Find places to apply for Medi-Cal and other programs to cover health care.

See a Doctor Before You Get Your Medi-Cal Card!

Don’t wait to get your BIC card in the mail.  You will get a receipt when you apply for CHDP Gateway or full-scope Medi-Cal.  You can use this receipt to get an appointment.  Call the Family Health Line for help getting an appointment: 1-880-604-4636.

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