Steps to Receiving CCS Services

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Step 1: Referral

Anyone can refer a child or youth to CCS.

Step 2: Diagnosis

A doctor identifies that the child or youth may have an eligible medical condition. The doctor sends a report to CCS for review by the nurse case manager.

Step 3: Application

Family or youth fills out and signs an application for CCS services.

Step 4: Case Management & Care Coordination

The CCS nurse case manager assists the child or youth with getting the right care at the right place.

Step 5: Treatment

CCS approves health care services to treat the child’s or youth’s eligible medical condition. A copy of the approval is mailed to the home of the child or youth. Then the family/client can schedule an appointment for the care that was approved.

Each time the child or youth needs to see a new doctor, get new medication, or equipment, a Service Authorization Request form (SAR) needs to be completed.  The medical provider will fill out the SAR and send it to CCS.  You will be notified by mail when the services have been approved.  You can contact CCS to find out the status of a SAR. If eligible for Medical Therapy Services, you will get a phone call from the Medical Therapy Program.





















, you will get a phone call from the Medical Therapy Program.

How to Read a SAR

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