There are no financial eligibility requirements for therapy services. Eligibility is based on medical condition. Some common diagnoses served in the Medical Therapy Program include cerebral palsy, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, arthritis, and amputations.

Referrals can be made by the child’s parent, physician, or other concerned adult, such as a teacher, social worker, or school counselor.

Once a referral is made, the parent or physician will be contacted and asked to provide certain medical reports. These reports will be reviewed by our medical consultants. If the child is found to be eligible, the information will be sent to the appropriate MTU. The supervisor of that MTU will then contact the parent for an appointment.

To apply for therapy services, please fill out the California Children's Services (CCS) application, and write "Therapy Services Only" on the top of the page. You can fax it to the CCS at (510) 267-3254, or mail it to the administrative office address shown in the contact information on this page. You may also mail or fax it to your nearest MTU (see the Contact Information section for locations).

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