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What is CCS?

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California Children’s Services (CCS) is a statewide program that assists children and youth:

  • Who have a chronic, disabling, or life-threatening CCS eligible medical condition
  • Who need specialty medical care
  • Who meet income requirements (See Eligibility, below)
  • Age birth to 21

CCS has two parts:

  • Case Management Program
    CCS Nurse Case Managers (NCM's) connect clients with doctors and other healthcare professionals.
  • Medical Therapy Program
    The Medical Therapy Program provides occupational therapy and physical therapy services to children and youth with certain long term physical disabilities.

Types of Services

Each eligible child or youth is assigned a nurse case manager. They can help you find medical services and make sure eligible services are paid for.
These services may include:

  • Hospital care and doctor appointments
  • X-ray and lab services (for example, blood tests)
  • Medical supplies and equipment, (for example, wheelchairs)
  • Medications to treat the condition
  • Home health care
  • Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy
  • In some cases, Orthodontic care
  • Mental Health Services (for example, counseling)
  • Confidential HIV Testing and Monitoring Program for children and youth who are at risk for AIDS
  • Palliative Care
  • Help with transportation to get to appointments
  • Diagnostic Services for children and youth when a doctor thinks they may have a CCS-eligible condition
  • High Risk Infant Follow-Up Program for certain medically fragile infants

All services, except emergencies, must receive prior authorization.


A child or youth can get CCS services if they meet these four requirements:

  1. Birth to Age 21
  2. Live in Alameda County
  3. Have a chronic, disabling, or life threatening medical condition that is CCS eligible CCS eligible medical condition
  4. Income
    • Full-scope or Share-Of-Cost Medi-Cal
    • Families with adjusted gross income (AGI) under $40,000
    • Families with AGI over $40,000 may be eligible if their out of pocket costs for the eligible condition are expected to exceed 20% of AGI

Children and youth can get Medical Therapy Program services no matter what their family income is.

Steps to Receiving CCS Services

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