Alameda County Medical Reserve Corps

The Alameda County Public Health Emergency Preparedness program gained approval from the Office of the Surgeon General to host a Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) unit in April 2014. The MRC is made up of local volunteers with a national affiliation whose goal is to help prepare for and respond to Public Health emergencies. The Alameda County Medical Reserve Corps (ALCO MRC) provides community members an opportunity to pre-identify themselves as disaster response volunteers and receive disaster response training before an emergency.

Our Mission

The Alameda County Medical Reserve Corps' mission is to build resilient communities in partnership through education, preparedness, and response and recovery activities from public health emergencies, including infectious disease outbreaks, natural disasters, and terrorism.

In the event of an actual activation:

If the ALCO MRC is activated during a declared State of Emergency, members will be notified and given an assignment through the contact information they have provided on their California Disaster Healthcare Volunteer (DHV) profile. ALCO MRC members should NEVER self-deploy to a situation and always wait until they have received a notification from the DHV.

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