Alameda County COVID-19 Isolation and Social Distancing Emergency Housing

COVID-19 poses a significant threat to people experiencing homelessness and living in high density settings in Alameda County.

The California Department of Social Services (CSDSS) secured two hotels to begin providing isolation housing immediately for people experiencing homelessness affected by COVID-19, as part of a larger statewide effort called Project Roomkey. CDSS contracted with Abode Services to provide wraparound support and with the hotel owners for operations staffing. Alameda County Health Care Services, Social Services, and General Services Agencies worked together to establish referral procedures, medical screening and support, and transportation resources for the sites.

Additional isolation sites have been secured by Alameda County since that time. Alameda County agencies will continue to work together with cities to add additional sites to serve as many people as possible, utilizing available resources from Federal and State government. This information applies to the properties currently available and may apply to new sites as they open. Changes to meet specific evolving needs and address disparities may occur and County staff will update information and guidance as needed.

Project Roomkey: Alameda County Operation Comfort and Operation Safer Ground

Operation Comfort serves people who are homeless and 1) tested positive for COVID-19, or 2) Investigation (PUIs), or 3) experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, and/or 4) have been exposed to COVID-19.

Through a separate funding source, a limited number of Operation Comfort style rooms are also available for individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 and live in highly dense environments where they are unable to safely isolate.

Operation Safer Ground serves people who are homeless and over 65 or otherwise at high risk (medically fragile), or both.


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