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We recognize that residents are more than mere consumers of public health services. In addition to health services, our health department is involved in a variety of community-based activities that engage residents in the planning, evaluation and implementation of health activities in their communities. Many of those services and activities are profiled on this site.

Oakland Housing Equity Roadmap

FAST Training Set for Dec 10-11
FAST (Functional Assessment Service Team) is a cadre of trained government and non-government personnel assembled to work in emergency shelters in disaster areas.  Team members help emergency response staff conduct assessments of people with access and basic functional needs.  FAST members also expedite the process of getting resources (e.g. durable medical equipment, medical supplies, prescribed medications) needed for daily living activities. If you are interested in joining  FAST a two-day training has been planned for 9 am -5 pm Dec. 10-11 at the Alameda County Emergency Operations Center in Dublin.  More details and the application »

Illegal Tobacco Sales to Minors Decreases

Illegal Tobacco Sales to Minors Decreases
California Department of Public Health (CDPH) recently reported survey results that show  the California rate of illegal tobacco sales to minors has decreased.  According to the 2015 Youth Tobacco Purchase Survey, “illegal tobacco sales to minors at retail outlets occurred at a rate of 7.6 percent, compared to last year’s rate of 9 percent.  When the state first started monitoring illegal tobacco sales in 1997, surveyed teens were able to buy tobacco products during 21.7 percent of tobacco purchase attempts.” The goal is to meet the Healthy People 2020 target of 5 percent or less. Read more »

Healthy Alameda County

Wrold Alzheimer's Month

Sepsis Awareness Month

SIDS Awareness Month

SIDS Awareness Month

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