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We recognize that residents are more than mere consumers of public health services. In addition to health services, our health department is involved in a variety of community-based activities that engage residents in the planning, evaluation and implementation of health activities in their communities. Many of those services and activities are profiled on this site.

College-bound Healthy

College-bound & Healthy
As families prepare for schools to reopen, having a healthy experience is the goal for students of all ages.  College-bound students face issues that impact their social, mental and physical health  (e.g. drugs, alcohol, sexual pressures, making friends, managing stress). The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) offers tips for college health and safety aimed at addressing the top concerns.  Reminder: Just like grade school, there are vaccinations that college-bound teens should make sure they receive.  More on health »

Nursing Moms

Support Nursing Moms
"Women with children are the fastest-growing group in the work force," reports the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services (HHS), with work balance and family important priorities.  HHS notes that although 75 percent of American women begin breastfeeding to nurse their children, many businesses don’t provide space to do so even though "reasonable accommodations" is the law.  Creative solutions are needed.  To that end, HHS’ Office on Women’s Health (OWH) has launched Supporting Nursing Moms at Work: Employer Solutions with breastfeeding space tips, workplace policies, FAQs, and more.

Healthy Alameda County

National Breastfeeding Month

National Immunization Awareness Month

National Health Center Week

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