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We recognize that residents are more than mere consumers of public health services. In addition to health services, our health department is involved in a variety of community-based activities that engage residents in the planning, evaluation and implementation of health activities in their communities. Many of those services and activities are profiled on this site.

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Birth Rates Among Adolescents Decline
California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Director and State Health Officer Dr. Karen Smith is reporting that birth rates among California adolescents have continued to decline to record-low levels.  “Those numbers reflect a 10 percent decline from 2013 and a 55 percent decline from the 2000 rate of 46.7,” she remarked.  However, with these declining birth rates "racial disparities persist in adolescent childbearing in California."  African American and Hispanic adolescents are three to four times as likely to give birth as White females, and County birth rates vary widely.  Learn more
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Improving Housing & Health
The San Francisco Bay Area currently faces an unprecedented housing crisis that threatens the health of the region.  Addressing the housing crisis is critical in avoiding a preventable public health crisis.  Alameda County Public Health Department has put together two resources that explain how housing is affecting health in Alameda County.  We can make a difference if we move past business as usual to implement comprehensive solutions that address both short- and long-term housing challenges.  Please see our housing brief and results from a staff survey.

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